LEARNING FORGE prepares your child for success!


Welcome to Learning Forge. Our motive is to cater to the dreams of young ambitious Indians having Global aspirations.  

Given our strong ethical approach to business, we have built an excellent profile and credibility within the  education and immigration consultancy  industry.

A combination of extensive experience, global presence and comprehensive knowledge of migration industry enables us to provide great services like:

Learning Cafe - A Global Career Maker

Few decisions in life are as important as where you will study for your college or university degrees. At Learning Forge, your only official, source for Global  higher education opportunities, we understand this challenge and are ready to assist you and your family in making this life-changing decision. We want to help simplify this process for you. 

 Go Global - A Global Gateway

Migrating abroad and moving to prosperity is the most cherished dream of a large number of people our country. We assist highly skilled individuals like doctors, engineers, teachers, nurses, pharmacists and IT professionals to get a Global Placement. One must have a work permit to work on a foreign country legally and get the same benefits as nationals. Learning Forge helps you acquire a work permit in a country of your choice and also gives placement assistance to you in order to find a suitable job through tie-ups with companies in  Singapore.

Learning Forge Extras - helping you truly become a Global Citizen!!!

§  Education Loans

§  Travel Insurance

§  Money Transfer

§  Currency Conversion

§  Spoken English

§  Airport Pick-up

§  Accommodation

§  Job Search Assistance


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